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love Notes

Write A Love Note

Flowers send hundreds of different messages. The depths and valleys of emotions are wrapped up in flowers. I think they are nature’s messengers. Think of sunflowers then roses then tulips - they send cheer, love and adoration.

When someone receives flowers, they reach for that little card that’s tucked inside the bouquet. The little piece of paper that lets them know who is thinking of them. It is important.

How to Write Swoon Worthy Flower Cards

Flower cards are simple yet they can also say so much more. The inside joke that sparks a smile or the hand drawn heart with a sentiment that’s so tender ….it makes her swoon.

I have helped write a lot of cards over the years. These notes range from silly to serious, light to emotional, poetic or classic. February is the month of romance and love so I am going to focus on “Love Notes” and some advice on what NOT to do.

Write a card like Squints to Wendy Peffercorn.. 

In the movie Sandlot - Squints is totally in love with Wendy and is willing to go to great lengths to prove his love is true. “I learned the meaning of love the day I laid eyes on you!”.  “You walked in and you didn’t even know it.. but you had my heart at ‘need towel?’”  Squints gets what he wants.

Write a card like you are in bootcamp.

My dad wrote my mom love letters from bootcamp as a young man in the 1950s. I have them today. “ To my love, my queen…. You are always on my mind.”  “The day you were born was the day I got lucky. I love you”. She kept every card, letter and little flower card for over 50 years.

Write a card like a musician. 

There is a reason most women love musicians. They listen to the words they sing and write. Eric Clapton tells her “ You look wonderful tonight.” “ This beautiful lady that’s walking around with me”.  Swoon. I believe the song “When a man Loves a Woman” is how most men love or want to love their lady. Percy Sledge evokes powerful emotion - listen to this song … then write your card. She wants to know. 

Sign the Card. Sign the Card. 

I hope someone sends me flowers with an unsigned card said no woman ever.   “Happy Valentine’s Day -

I Love you, love……PUT YOUR NAME HERE. We will do it for you - just let us. 

Thank you for buying flowers. 

Love Notes