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My Mom's Flowers

When I think of my Mom and Celebrating Mother's Day, flowers always come to mind: Shirley was a flower lover, a master gardener - a flower child before it was cool. The garden was a wonderland for her. Planting seeds, watching a flower grow and bloom filled her with delight and amazement. My mom's love of flo... Continue Reading

May 09, 2023

AuthorBy: Posey Peddler

Hearts & Roses

Hearts ad Roses In the beginning of my career - the red rose sold was the Madame Delbard rose, a lovely dark red hybrid tea rose. Its bud was small and its petals were tightly compressed - we called it a “bullet” rose. Sometimes it would bloom but often it did not. I was not passionate about the M. Delbard.  My ... Continue Reading

February 08, 2023

AuthorBy: Bridgette Mills Arnold

love Notes

Write A Love Note

Flowers send hundreds of different messages. The depths and valleys of emotions are wrapped up in flowers. I think they are nature’s messengers. Think of sunflowers then roses then tulips - they send cheer, love and adoration. When someone receives flowers, they reach for that little card that’s tucked inside the bou... Continue Reading

January 28, 2023

AuthorBy: Bridgette Mills Arnold

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